Criminal Protective Orders are also restraining orders of extremely brief duration and usually are extended in response to an arrest by law enforcement officers. These emergency protective orders are granted to protect a victim from child abuse, acts of violence in the workplace, domestic violence, civil harassment, abduction of a child, stalking, elder abuse (nursing home abuse). These orders are intended to protect a victim for a period of short duration to provide time to file for appropriate restraining orders in court. These protective orders are only effective for five court days or seven calendar days.

If a criminal case is filed based on an incident of domestic violence, the criminal court will routinely grant a criminal protective order. This form of protective order is intended to protect the complaining witness (domestic violence victim) from intimidation. Criminal protective orders will remain in effect for the duration of the criminal case and can be extended until the perpetrator has completed probation or up to ten years.

If you are an abused spouse or the victim of stalking, violence or harassment by a neighbor or employer, you may feel trapped and unsure where to turn to seek protection for you and/or your children. San Francisco Restraining Order Lawyer Lucy S. McAllister understands that the turmoil and conflict that surrounding domestic violence or harassment can be overwhelming. Because we recognize the challenges and concerns that victims of stalking, physical abuse, harassment and threats face, we move promptly to stop the pattern of abusive or offensive conduct.