We’re proud to have represented many clients over the years, successfully petitioning for restraining orders for them as well as defending them against restraining orders which have been issued against them.

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Here are a sample of client reviews we’ve received recently:

I couldn’t be any happier with Lucy’s performance. I am SOOO glad its over but in the end my problems with the law are resolved. Not only did Lucy help me clear my name but she guided me through the tough decisions outside of the court room. I don’t wish any problems regarding our legal system for anyone else, but if you feel like there is no way out, Lucy WILL help.

Will D. | Santa Clara CA

I was referred to Lucy McAllister through a Family Lawyer in another county to help me obtain a Restraining Order of a violent and deranged individual. My case was not the easiest to prove because only verbal threats had been made by this point, the other party was not a Santa Clara resident, and he very motivated to avoid being issued a permanent Restraining Order. Lucy reviewed the evidence I had gathered, interviewed the possible witnesses, selected the strongest testimonies to present, ensured that the selected witnesses were prepared to testify in court, that our case was well laid out, and that we successfully adapted her strategy to the presiding judge’s concerns, hot buttons, and challenges for that given day. We had to appear 3 separate times in court because the other party continued to present *new* false testimony, modified evidence, and contradicting statements required rebuttal testimony and evidence. Also upon successfully obtaining the permanent Restraining Order I had amassed $10,000 of legal expenses, largely due to the other parties attempt to delay and deceive the court, which I wanted the other party to rightfully pay. Lucy was able to successfully have the judge issue an order that the other party to pay the entire legal expenses as well. While I would not wish anyone to have to go to court, if you have to go you might as well ensure that you win, and to that end I have no reservations of referring others to Lucy’s offices.


Seeing Lucy McAllister work with clients convinced me that she really is a skilled and dedicated lawyer. In addition, her team is also exceptional for working hard and being professional.

Marlon R. | San Francisco CA