California Legal Representation for Restraining Orders for Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, Stalking or Harassment

Domestic violence against a spouse or another member of one’s household, exploitation of an elderly nursing home resident or harassment by an overzealous co-worker/boss can place one’s safety at-risk and provide a source of extreme anxiety. California law provides protections in the form of restraining orders to victims in these situations as well as other scenarios where people are subject to domestic violence, such as abuse by a paramour or child abuse. Civil restraining orders can also protect individuals from threats, harassment, stalking and intimidation by employers, co-workers, neighbors, caregivers and others.

While everyone has a right to be free from the anxiety and fear associated with domestic violence at the hands of a member of one’s household or harassing behavior by others, not all allegations made to support restraining orders are truthful. The power of restraining orders to protect victims can be used as a weapon by those seeking to gain an advantage in family court in a divorce or child custody if they are prepared to make false allegations.

Whether you are seeking the safety and peace of mind offered by protective orders or you are the victim of false allegations of domestic violence, San Francisco Restraining Order Attorney Lucy S. McAllister has a proven track record of success in Bay Area restraining order proceedings.

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Lucy S. McAllister J.D. has over 30 years of experience representing clients in civil and criminal proceedings for ex parte domestic violence restraining orders, civil harassment injunctions and criminal cases involving restraining order violations.

When the safety or our clients is placed in jeopardy by acts of violence or threats to cause injury or death, we do not hesitate in seeking ex parte (emergency) restraining orders to protect our clients and their children even if police restraining orders are in place. If our client is facing a meritless request for a restraining order, we carefully investigate the underlying facts so that we can protect our client’s reputation and parenting relationship with his or her children. Because Lucy McAllister has provided effective legal representation in more than 200 Superior Court trials in California, she has the experience, expertise and knowledge to protect the safety of domestic violence victims and the future of victims of unjustified allegations.

Our Bay Area Restraining Order Law Firm represents clients in proceedings involving the full range of restraining order requests and enforcement proceedings including Civil Harassment Restraining Orders, Domestic Violence Restraining Orders or defend you in Restraining Order proceedings.

We offer an initial consultation so that we can explain your legal rights and the court process involved in restraining order proceedings.

Contact us at (415) 939-9396 (in San Francisco) or (408) 947-5946 (in San Jose) or toll free at (877) 280-9944.